Shilajit, Telomeres and Anti-Aging Nutrition

Shilajit, used by practitioners of Ayurvedic herbal medicine (or Ayurveda) for many thousands of
years is also known as the “Destroyer of Weakness.” And Indian folklore says it can make the body
“Strong as a Rock!” It has even been called the missing link in human nutrition because the foods
we eat are so devoid of minerals.

Shilajit, helps provide you more energy by providing nutrition to every cell in your body
plus it is often found in anti-aging products and for telomeres support.

Shilajit is basically a mineral deposit of decomposed plants that is gathered from rock
fissures in the Himalayan Mountains. During hot weather it drips from the rocks in hot weather.
It contains over 80 valuable minerals.

Wikipedia article on Shilajit

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IsaGenix and the Importance of Good Posture & Exercise

I had been reading through articles about how exactly improper weight lifting brought towards the law of unintentional effects. Essentially this story was how whenever a guy was youthful (16 years of age) he desired to impress the women so he began weight lifting. Well he only centered on the various components of his body that mainly demonstrated
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