Articles About Telomeres Dr Bill Andrews and News

Meet Bill Andrews: The Man Who would be Immortal – Article Synopsis – In 1977, Dr Bill Andrews was awarded 2nd place as “National Inventor of the Year” and he is the named inventor on 35 U.S. issued patents related to telomeres. Time Magazine Article – Amortality: Why It’s No Longer Necessary to

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Jeunesse Longevity TV How We Age and the YES System

In the Video below Dr William Amzallag discusses the various causes of aging – things like oxidation, inflammation, pollution, glycation, toxins and their various harmful effects on the body. He also discusses the Role of Telomeres. The ends of DNA strands are called “telomeres.” These telomeres
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Jeunesse Longevity TV Anti-Aging Finiti TA-65 Telomeres Supplement

Jeunesse Longevity TV examines in depth the -Jeunesse Finiti Telomeres Product (with TA-65) – Plus you can get the best price on Finiti TA-65 product right here. Check out the following very revealing video. Ok so just what is a Telomere? Are you familiar with DNA and chromosomes. At both ends
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