Articles Anti-Aging and Telomeres in the News

Article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (Jama) – Correlation Between Telomere Length and Bad Things… Article Synopsis – Conclusion In this study population, there was a statistically significant inverse relationship between telomere length and your health -“bad things

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Telomere Telomerase Aging Research Dr. Bill Andrews

World Well known Aging Investigator Dr Bill Andrews has teamed with John Anderson of IsaGenix. They’re focusing on a Telomerase Enzyme inducer scheduled for any preliminary release in June along with a full release in August 2011. New research on rodents released in Scientific American has added validation to
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Telomeres Science Facts and IsaGenix Product B

The Science of Telomeres is actually quite simple : 1. Telomeres are our ‘Body Clock’. They shorten with normal cell division. They’re caps of repetitive DNA in the finishes in our chromosomes. They shorten because the cells within our physiques divide. 15,000 models lengthy if we are created, 10,000 models
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Dr Bill Andrews Appears on NBC Today Show Discusses Telomeres and Telomerase.

Dr. Bill Andrews , was guest with an episode from the NBC Today Show. This specific show talked about aging research and just how researchers were searching for solutions that may extend human lifespans as much as 150 years of age. The next video was obtained from the show. Watch Dr Bill Andrews NBC Today Show
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Article How Oxidative Stress Shortens Telomeres